This is the first time that we talk and I want to confess something.
I’m not the kind of person that knew since I was a child that I wanted to be an artist. When I was a child I was to be an astronaut and travel through the galaxy to other planets. Fling on my rocket by myself and enjoy the lights and colours of the universe.
It was at eighteen when I discovered that I loved and I was good at drawing. But I did not have the idea of what kind of art, craft or design enjoy the most. I’m still working on it.
I can’t decide if I prefer painting, drawing or working digitally. Lucky, I’m a Spanish woman base in Manchester since 2016 and I don’t have all my stuff, if I had it, I’ve been restoring furniture or making sculpture as well.
I know, I’m crazy!
I hope this year, 2021 is going to be the year of my clarification.

Let see!

I’ll see you soon, Mr Art!

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